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 Lineage 2 Mythodea Classic Events

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PostSubject: Lineage 2 Mythodea Classic Events   Wed Oct 11, 2017 3:01 pm

Basic Event Features

Sometimes you will find some weird objects called "Energy Plant"
Give them one single hit to recover +30% of your maximum health.

Some events may have a [Server Mission] which once completed everyone in server is rewarded by HWID.

Basic Event Info

Classic Events can take place anytime !
Classic Events are usually announced 10 minutes-30 minutes-1 hour-2hours before their start, depending on how big they are.

Classic Mythodea Events

Wacky Ship
Difficulty: ③
Global Reward:★
Hidden treasure chests with fantastic rewards are waiting for you! Show them who's the best treasure hunter of Mythodea!
Be aware of the henchmans, they will try to kill you.
There's a hidden Raid Boss somewhere in the ship, may you want to fight him?
Server mission: Defeat the raid boss, kill all the henchmans and find all the chests so everyone will be rewarded!

The challengers
Difficulty: ③-⑤
Global Reward:★
Sometimes a few challengers may show up in the frozen bridge/grand canyon, test their fighting abilities and show them who's the strongest.
Server mission: Defeat the challengers so everyone will be rewarded!

Evil's Workbench
Difficulty: ⑤-
Global Reward:★
An Horrific creature may show up in this place, defeat him to claim your reward !
Server mission: Defeat the raid boss so everyone will be rewarded!

Random Location  Abyssal Doom invasion                    
Difficulty: ④
Global Reward:★
Abyssal Doom has appeared !                                                
Kill all of his minions and defeat this monster !

Palmtree Panic
Difficulty: ①
Global Reward:★
A peaceful zone, sometimes plagued by monsters but they are not strong.
But oh god, they dont stop spawning until the event ends !!

Underground Coliseum's Chest Event
Difficulty: ⓪-②
Global Reward:★
Wow have you ever seen this many chests?
But most of them are fake !! Kill chests and test your luck finding the good chests with rewards ! Fake chests also got a small chance to reward you.
Server mission: There are a few monsters guarding this place, defeat them all and find all the chests so everyone will be rewarded!

Shillen Hidden Base
Difficulty: ②
Global Reward:★
The coal mines are plagued by shilen soldiers !!
Server mission: Defeat all the soldiers so everyone will be rewarded!

Russian roulette
Difficulty: ⓪
Fast and simple, test your luck with the dice !
Players will sit around me making a square.
I will roll a dice to each player 1 time, If the number a player gets is between 2 and 5 they will die, If the number is 6 they can choose to kill a player, and If the number they get is a 1, I will roll another dice for the player.
If the player gets a 1 and then a 6, they can kill 2 players.
If the player gets a 1, another 1 and then a 6, they can kill 3 players and so on...
Rules and rewards of this event may change from time to time, If they change I will give further explanations during the event

Hide and Seek
Difficulty: ⓪
GM will temporaly hide with a Secret Name!
Tips will be given each certain minutes and all you have to do is finding the GM.

PvP Teams battle arena
Difficulty: PVP

4 Teams fights in a pvp tournament, good luck !

Raid Zone
Difficulty: ③-??
Global Reward: Flexible depending on the Arena difficulty.
Once announced, the raid zone arena gate will open, shortly after the event starts the respawn gate will be closed to the public.
The fighters inside the arena have to survive and defeat all the monsters inside the small arenas, right after a Raid Boss will appear.
Several arenas, several difficulties, different monsters, will we reach the highest difficulty?
Server mission: Defeat all the monsters and the final Raid Boss so everyone will be rewarded !
                      The higher the difficulty the higher the rewards!

Raid Zone Secret Arena
Difficulty: ①-??
Global Reward: Flexible depending on the waves beaten
Waves of monsters will arrive, once the gate is opened kill them all and get inside your cell again.
How many waves do you think you can defeat?
Difficulty increases gradually in each wave.
Server mission: Each 5 waves completed everyone is rewarded!
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Lineage 2 Mythodea Classic Events
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