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 Lineage 2 Mythodea Epic Events

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PostSubject: Lineage 2 Mythodea Epic Events   Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:53 pm

Basic Event Features

Sometimes you will find some weird objects called "Energy Plant"
Give them one single hit to recover +30% of your maximum health.

Some events may have a [Server Mission] which once completed everyone in server is rewarded by HWID.

Epic Events Schedule and basic info
Epic Events are done 1 time each weekend.
Rewards are Fantasy Isle Coins which are traded in our NEW  Fantasy Isle Paddies NPC in Giran or Fantasy Isle Main Zone.

L2Mythodea Epic Events

If the Server completes a GM Epic Zone Event the next one will be unlocked for the next time, so give it all you got !

Hall of Absolution
Difficulty: ⑥
Global Reward:★★
A place plagued by viruses and parasites.
Monsters in hall of absolution are a serious threat.
Each of them has special abilities, some have very high p.def but low m.def, some other have very high m.def but low p.def, and some others need to be killed as quick as possible, find out the monsters weaknesses!
Tip: Before entering in any room, make sure you spot any Mutilated Defacer and take him down as fast as possible.

Boss Death Hacker

The Death Hacker is a monster that builds up critical damage over time, the longer you stay as his target the more damage you will receive.
Watch out for his critical damage debuffs, If he really wants to kill a target he just does it.
The Hacker also has a reflect damage component, so titans, watch out.
He has 4 Mutilated Defacers as Raid Fighters, so becareful when they show up after being killed.
Tip: Taking him down as melee is easier but also risky, the most efficient way to take him is with archers.

Tidal Temple
Difficulty: ⑦
Global Reward:★★★
Long gone soldiers wanders in this ancient palace.
It is said that Gran Kain cursed this place and the humans inside it for testing purposes.
The monsters in here are old warriors like you, some of them may be mages while some other are melees.
Tip: It is recommended to take down enchanters, wizards and daggers first, leave tanks for last.
      Be careful with Ancient Heros, they have all the abilities of the previous monsters.

Boss  Harkilgamed + Rodenpicula

These bosses makes a great synergy, harkilgamed staying as the short range and fast warrior with swift slashes and rodenpicula in the back to snipe her targets down.
Tip: It is recommended to take down rodenpicula first as she has lower HP and higher damage at long range.

Disciples Acropolis
Difficulty: ⑧
Global Reward:★★★★
The secret hidden Necropolis that was sealed by the egyptians.
The creatures of the Acropolis have some interesting mechanics, they hit hard and they are hard to kill.
Defeating all the monsters is required to go to the next floor.
Tip: Acropolis Prophet and Guardian will try to put you into sleep, make sure you got some walking scrolls.
      If you see an Acropolis Light channeling a skill to you run away from the people, its an Area of Effect with incredible damage.

Boss  Acropolis Guardian

An ancient creature that moves at high speeds, he can easily dodge melee attacks and also has high M.def.
Tip: Running from him is futile, he can land half-kills and lethal strikes so make sure your healer is prepared to res in any moment.
      Make sure you have the highest number of accuracy possible.

Quartz Quadrant
Difficulty: ⑨
Global Reward:★★★★★
Below the Acropolis there is one more place made by pure energy.
Shilen and his minions still seek a way to destroy our world.
To proceed to the next rooms you should eliminate all the monsters and the seal devices in your current room.

Tip: Shilen Meliyahs and Thorns are the most dangerous threat here. Shilen Warriors and Thorns will want to cancel your buffs.
      Pay attention to the Cursed Versions of these monsters, they are empowered with evil energy.

Boss  Etis Van Etina

The final and best soldier of Shilen, empowered with the power of the seven signs giving him extreme mobility and battle stats, however he seems to have some hard time launching heavy attacks.

Tip: Etis Van Etina attacks very slowly, If you see him channeling any strange movement make sure no people is nearby so they dont die too!
      His raid fighters are unkillable and kill you instantly, however, they run VERY SLOW, make sure you avoid them at all cost !

Lava Reef
Difficulty: ①⓪
Global Reward:★★★★★★
Crystal Caverns from an alternative dimension, however the monsters in here are a serious threat and each one of them should be considered a danger.
Defeat all the monsters of the reef to unlock the portal to the raid boss.

Tip: Make sure you kill Reef Jacks, they can be annoying with their anchors.
      It is recommended to have a high ressist of the water element as all the monster use water attacks.

Boss  Reef Core

The nexus of Lava Reef that mantains this place on his feet.
He has extreme M.def and bow/crossbows ressist but he is very vulnerable to melee attacks, however melee fighters have to take a risk if they want to hurt the core.

Tip: The Core cannot move, but he launches an attack that kills you no matter what around him !!
      It takes him 20 seconds to launch his powerful attack around him, make sure you stay out of it when he is about to finish the cast !!

Scrap Brain
Difficulty: ??
Global Reward:★★★★★★★
A place made of pure trash and dirt.
Dr. Chaos is up to something and you must stop him by destroying his robots !
Defeat all of the machines to unlock the gatekeeper to the zone boss.

Tip: Scrapped Lithiums launches a death attack very slowly, make sure you have any sort of way to avoid or block the attack before he channels the skill.
      Scrapped Rheniums and Braniums hits very slowly but their hits are very powerful, running from them and leave them to long range players may be a good choice.
      In order to proceed to Dr.Chaos floor, destroy all the monsters and Defenses.

Boss  Scrap Brain Titan

A powerful robot like no other.
Launches incredible single target attacks, he is surrounded by Scrap Brain Defenses, what are you going to do?

Tip: Running from him is very possible, but watch for the Scrap Brain Defenses, they are easily killed but many of them may be a problem.

Once defeated a portal appears to battle the final boss INFINITE.

Difficulty: %$#
Global Reward:★★★★★★★★★
A mysterious gracian soldier that managed to absorb and control all the power of the seven signs.
He is now wandering through past, present and future.
His objective is to destroy the entire reality.
Tip: Dont hit the System Bugs, they cannot die until INFINITE is defeated.
      INFINITE uses a combination of physical and magical attacks, he also launches incredibly powerful AoE attacks, he seems to not have any weaknesess, does he?
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Lineage 2 Mythodea Epic Events
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